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How To: Display Your Photo Prints

25th November 2020

Photo prints are a fantastic way to preserve your most treasured memories and look back on them in years to come. However, we believe that you get the best satisfaction from your photo prints when they are displayed for all to enjoy. Forget the traditional photo albums or storing them away in the loft – it’s time to let your photo prints shine! We’ve put together our favourite tips on how to display photos in your home. Feel free to give them a try with your next collection of photo prints!

Photo Bunting

A hanging photo display can make an impressive impact in any room and is really simple to recreate. All you’ll need is some string, small pegs or clips (available from most craft stores) and your favourite photos.

Tip: This photo display idea works best with Retro Prints for a stylish polaroid-style display. (Other sized photo prints will work too!)

Step 1- Order your Retro Prints in a set of 16, 24 or 32. Remember that you don’t have to use all of these in your string photo display, but it’s great to order some additional photos that you can switch and interchange every now and again for a fresh photo display.

Step 2 - Secure your length of string across your wall where you’d like your hanging photo display to take pride of place. We recommend choosing a blank wall - above your bed often works best if there is space. You could also use string lights instead of regular string to add a soft, warm glow to your photo display that is sure to make your room feel extra cosy.

Step 3 - Clip your favourite vintage-style photo prints onto your string using mini pegs or clips. This will form a unique, yet creative, photo display to enjoy every time you enter the room.

Tip: Why not create a timeline of your favourite photos? Hang your photos on your string display in a specific order that will showcase your highlights of a special event, occasion, or across the whole year.

Img Alt 1

Stylish Wired Photo Display

For a trendy, unique photo display, hang your photo prints from a wired frame. Available from most home improvement shops and online stores, add some personality to your wall with this creative photo display idea. Again, all you’ll need is your favourite photo prints, clips and a wire frame in a modern metallic finish. It’s a really easy (and stylish!) way to display your photo prints.

Tip: Use a variety of photo print shapes and sizes, like Mini Prints and bordered Photo Prints, for a quirky photo display board filled with your treasured memories. You can also clip other personalised notes, favourite quotes and postcards to your wired frame too – why not try designing your own with our Fine Art Prints?

Img Alt 2

Photo Print Wall Collage

Get creative and display your prints in a beautiful gallery wall. If you’ve already got your photo prints, use Blu Tack or double-sided tape to secure your photos to your wall in a specific shape. Stand out with a heart-shaped display or organise your photos into a neat square or circular photo display. This is especially effective if you match the geometrics already used in your home décor.

Img Alt 3

Tip: If you haven’t already ordered your photo prints, order your favourite photos as a piece of stunning Wall Art? You can order classic Framed Prints ready to hang on your wall and create an impressive gallery wall from a variety of photo print sizes. Still want to create a specific shape for your photo display? Print your photos onto our unique hexxas wall tiles for a modern, hexagonal wall display that can be arranged in any way you like.

Img Alt 4

We hope that our creative photo display ideas have given you the inspiration needed to create your own unique photo displays with your prints. Remember to share your photo print displays with us on social media using the hashtag #BootsPhoto – we’d love to see what you create!

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