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nearly finished 1000 piece photo jigsaw of couple on beach


Find Your Missing Piece This Valentine’s Day

20th January 2021

Connect with your significant other this Valentine’s Day in the best way – with a personalised jigsaw! This traditional pastime is most certainly making a comeback and is the perfect way to unwind, relax and beat boredom (especially when there’s not much else to do!). It’s easy to pick up a puzzle from the high street, but why not make it personal? Create your own personalised puzzle featuring your most treasured moments. From that favourite trip away together to a memory you never want to forget, watch your loved one piece together the unmistakeable bond you share.

We’ve put together our top ways to create a thoughtful personalised Photo Puzzle for your other half this Valentine’s Day.

A Simple Pastime

When designing your personalised puzzle, don’t overcomplicate it! Keep it sweet and simple by choosing your most cherished photo together for a thoughtful gift like no other. If you’re looking to create a challenge, it’s not just about the number of pieces but also about your chosen image. In fact, the more detailed your photo is, the easier the puzzle will be! Bring the completed puzzle to life with text, expressing your love and appreciation for your partner – they are bound to fall in love with it, piece by piece.

jigsaw puzzle made from photo of couple out in the cold of winter, text added to bottom of puzzle

For the Heart of the Family

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be about the two of you. Extend your gratitude and love to the whole family in a personalised family jigsaw. Whether you’ve recently welcomed a new addition, are expecting or are an established family, add your favourite family photos to a puzzle for all to enjoy. It will give the ultimate message that you appreciate them and all they do for the family this Valentine’s Day.

Leave the puzzle on the table for everyone to contribute and feel accomplished as a team when it’s complete. A wonderful way to connect with the family, a personalised family puzzle will also make a fantastic present for parents on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day too.

Top tip: Can’t choose one photo? Add handy layouts from the Creator Software to place up to eleven pictures per puzzle. Still want more? You can create your own layout by inserting new photo areas. This will make your puzzle simpler to complete, but is still great fun to piece together.

Collage of family photos made into a small personalised jigsaw

For Long-Distanced Couples

It’s been a tough year for those that live apart, whether that’s just down the road, across the country or overseas. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to surprise your valentine with a unique personalised gift in the post. Keep them entertained with a Personalised Jigsaw featuring a favourite photo that represents the best bits of your relationship. As they piece together their puzzle, your other half will take a trip down memory lane and relive those favourite moments you’ve shared - and help them look forward to what’s coming!

Top tip: Personalise your puzzle even further with text to let them know how much they mean to you or just to just simply say ‘I miss you’ – it’s sure to make their heart aflutter!

Imagine of couple in city at sunset printed on a jigsaw with text

Puzzles Require Commitment

We’re not denying that some jigsaws take time. They require an element of commitment in both time and motivation in order to achieve completion. Why not extend that commitment into your relationship and use your personalised puzzle to ask an important question?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to officially ask that all-important question. Whether you want to ask your loved one to move in with you, become your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even to ask for their hand in marriage, build up the anticipation as they piece together this question puzzle. It will build excitement in a truly unique way, whilst reminiscing on special moments you’ve shared. It will become a keepsake that you can piece together time and time again when you want a reminder of your special bond in future too.

personalised jigsaw used to contain text and image asking someone out

For the Pet Lovers

If your other half has another love interest in the form of their pet, we know what it can be like! Being second best to their furry friend is never easy, but why not show how much you love the two of them with a Personalised Jigsaw made just for them. From loving selfies to adorable portraits, use photos of their beloved pet as the focus of their personalised puzzle this Valentine’s Day. Guaranteed to get you bonus points, you can rest assured that you’re giving them a gift you know they’ll love, which can be used time and time again.

woman and her dog printed as a personalised 1500 piece jigsaw

Find the Missing Piece

This quiet pastime is making a comeback, so jump on the bandwagon and create a masterpiece with your own Personalised Jigsaw. We hope that these ideas have sparked some inspiration for you to give your loved one the most thoughtful (and fun!) Valentine’s gift yet. Happy puzzling!

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