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Photo Book Inspiration: Your Travel Diary

Perhaps you’ve been on the trip-of-a-lifetime, or visited friends or family in far-flung places. World travellers and adventure-seekers like you have fantastic stories to tell. The photographs you’ve taken on your journey are the greatest souvenirs of those experiences.

A CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect way to preserve the special memories you undoubtedly have, or to share your pictures with your friends and family. Creating your very own personalised travel photo album is easy. There are so many ways to customise your design, you can celebrate the memory of your travels in a way that is unique to you.

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Customise Your Photo Book Our new software is full of features to make it easier than ever to create your own travel photo book. Choose from a wide range of clip art, backgrounds and templates to help you compile your photo book. You can also instantly generate maps to add context to your travel books. The software reads GPS information from the photos you upload, so you can plot your adventures and show others just where you’ve been.

Upload directly from Facebook Your social media accounts are brimming with photos from the exotic places you’ve explored. Now is the time to set them free! Our new software allows you to upload photos directly from Facebook, so you can start designing straight away.